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Juliette's Light Birth Services

Makayla Butcher, Certified Birth Doula
  • Prenatal Visits
  • Birth Plan Building
  • On Call Labor & Birth Support
  • Breastfeeding Support
  • Postpartum Support
  • Placenta Encapsulation 

About Me

My name is Makayla Butcher and I am the doula, and the mama, behind Juliette's Light. My journey to and through motherhood has been anything but simple and my hope is to use my experiences and education to support and guide the expectant mothers of our community in this season of life and beyond. 

I am the mother of three beautiful little girls; Charlotte, Juliette, and Madison. You may notice that my practice is named for my middle daughter, Juliette. She was born with an extremely rare genetic syndrome called Freeman Sheldon Syndrome (or FSS). She was the happiest, most content little ray of sunshine even though she faced many difficulties in the short 14 months she spent earth side. She passed away suddenly of sleep apnea in April 2020 and this practice is my tribute to her, my way of combining my love for birth work and her memory into something I can nurture and grow in her name.

I hope to use my voice in the birth world and in our community to show my daughters, Juliette's  big and little sisters, that we can get back up and we can live in a way that honors their sister, keeps her memory alive, and spreads Juliette's Light to all we meet.


Juliette's Light Blog


Home Visits

All prenatal and postpartum visits take place in the comfort of your home. I come to you and we prepare for your birth and postpartum together! 

Lactation Support

From the first latch and on I will be there to support your breastfeeding relationship, however that looks for you and your baby. 

Birth Doula

Pregnancy support is vital to positive birthing outcomes and I would be honored to be allowed that role in your season of pregnancy and birth. From the time I am hired, you have full access to me for resources and information!



“When I first found out I was pregnant, I thought of Kayla from [Juliettes Light]! She was there for us through the whole journey. She has so much knowledge and was extremely helpful and loving! She has a peaceful presence and never left my side! She has become a part of our family!"
- Caity P.
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